SED-IA Architecture Announces Newly Established Office in Taipei

SED-IA Architecture has completed renovating our office located in Taipei, Taiwan.
The building is located in central Taipei City with a WalkScore of 98, offering at least 8 diverse uses within a 400m radius. We have ease of access to sidewalks, bike lanes, bus stations, and metro stations in near vicinity. Our office is located on the 10th story of a 13-storey office building. The SRC structure had strict quality control, allowing the building to receive the Excellence in Structural Engineering (EiSE) Award in 2002 given by the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC).

We aim to be the first corporation in Taiwan to receive WELL Building v2 Platinum Certification. The workspace was designed with natural vitality that ensures better health and wellness for the office occupants. We focused on strengthening a sense of community by designing abundance of open spaces to allow more collaboration between people, providing a productive and comfortable workspace.

Our team implemented features of WELL Building Standard into the design of spaces by carefully considering the aspects of Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind and Community. For instance, we implemented strict air quality monitoring policy such as reducing and isolating any possible source of pollutants that could affect our working environment. Our drinking water is also tested on regular basis to ensure that it is safe from contaminants.

At SED-IA, we emphasize the importance to promote mental health by designing restorative spaces such as a rest area that offers a great view of the modern surrounding. Employees may not only take power naps to have an energy boost, but also get restoration from mental fatigue. Right next to the rest area, we have another private space designed with sound-isolating elements for individuals to stay away from open office distractions while making calls.