SED-IA Architects 2021 Annual Gift

Deep in our hearts, you are very important.

It is with our heartfelt thanks and gratitude, 

and our best wishes, that we present this gift to you. 

We shall treasure our mutual friendship for years to come.

In welcoming 2021, we act to achieve.
Interpreting classic aspects into modern design.
Caring for details and living sustainably.
Our mutual understanding means results are not taken for granted.
Our deep connections make us appreciate friendships even more.
Our paths have brought us together to embark upon a new chapter.
With dedication comes a distinctive approach to elegant living.
With passion, an abundant and aesthetic lifestyle is achieved.         

At an angle of 23.5 degrees, suspended, gravity-free,
the mind wanders effortlessly, between thoughts.
The pen, unique and superbly crafted, perfectly poised    
to capture the inspiration of every moment of creation.

Humanity and philosophy jointly submerge in the craftsman's mind,
a spiral ladder structured in a timeless play of light and shadow.
Searching out a corner of solitude within the city's reach,
to create one's most distinctive studio landscape.

May the year of the Ox bring you prosperity and success!
SED-IA Architects / SED-IA Design