Open House Taipei 2021

SED-IA Architecture and SED-IA Architects took part in the annual event “Open House Taipei”on November 27 and 28 to showcase our working spaces. This event is under the network of Open House Worldwide founded and administered by Open City in London, United Kingdom since 1992. 

Open House Worldwide has engaged citizens, particularly from under-represented backgrounds, to learn about architecture and city making, and have a meaningful role in shaping their future. This year, Open House Taipei exhibits over 70 of the most unique and amazing spaces, which are not usually available for entry, to the public, including private owned housing, studios, public housings, government authorities, and projects of different scales. 

Our team make use of this opportunity for the visiting friends to learn about how a WELL CertifiedTM  environment would benefit health and well-being of the work space occupants through the ten concepts of building performance: water, light, air, nourishment, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind, and community.

Volunteers assisting visitors outside the office building.  

Visiting groups learning about the founding of SED-IA Architecture.

Presentations on WELL CertificationTM and the architectural concepts of SED-IA Architecture

Our team member explaining how the quality of drinking water is optimal and accessible.

The patented vertical hanging planter that does not require complicated fence structure for growth support. 

By hanging several vertical planters along the window sliding track to serve as natural curtain, which allows an adjustable natural entry of daylight.