SED-IA Architecture Adds Greenery in Office Spaces

Having greenery in an working environment to improve physical and mental well-being of our people has always been the priority of SED-IA Architecture.

The 6038 square-foot office is designed with an optimal amount of greenery, which our team dedicated in experimenting different types of planting methods and choosing suitable plants that would add natural elements to every corner of the workplace. Our goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere for the occupants to feel fresh and healthy. It’s the well-being of people that we care about the most.


To ensure biodiversity protection, neither pesticides nor chemicals have ever been used for planting in SED-IA’s office. The gardening team has adopted unique watering techniques to control insects and pests, maintaining a healthy indoor natural equilibrium.

At one of the open seating areas, we set up green walls that enhance the visual quality of space, supporting better productivity as well as bringing positive effect for stress reduction.