SED-IA Architects 2024 Annual Gift

Compose a future chapter

Stay true to your roots, stay the course.

Don’t stand still, embrace the change’s thrill.

We are pens of stories, artists of time.

2024 brings a new page beneath our rhyme.

Through trials, we’ve found inner strength.

Each moment reveals poetic tales, dreams guide our steps.

Let’s paint life with fair hues, savor its abundance and pursue life’s brilliance.



The RAW Tote utilizes the innovative PANEX® material, a vegan leather reconstructed from pineapple fiber waste, significantly reducing water resource, carbon emission, and petroleum usage in its production process.

Its unique design, coupled with eco-friendly materials, creates a soft and lightweight large tote, embodying our pursuit of minimalism without sacrificing sophistication. This innovative material diverges from traditional leather by not necessitating the use of leather conditioning oils.


PANEX® provides a natural and sustainable material option: pineapple vegan leather with a plant fiber base.

This material combines recycled pineapple fiber residues with water-based eco-friendly resin. Through a coating process and integration with ultra-fine fiber non-woven fabric, it mimics genuine leather's suede-like texture, is easy to care for, resistant to shrinkage, and offers features like moisture absorption, quick-drying, breathability, and mold resistance.



Pure titanium stands out for its rust resistance, acid and alkali resistance, lightweight nature, and bacteria-repelling properties, eliminating worries about metal ion release. The CROSSPACE utensil set can be folded into a utensil storage case. The inner layer, constructed from medical-grade, non-toxic, eco-friendly TPU, repels oil and cleans effortlessly with a damp cloth, ensuring a practical and health-conscious choice.



The Japanese centenary brand Marna is dedicated to crafting practical and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle products. This series of bags emphasizes the need for convenient storage and space-saving, combining craftsmanship and practical life design. Whether for shopping or travel, it enhances the convenience of your daily life.



Designed in Taiwan, the ZENLET folding box takes inspiration from the everyday practice of folding advertising flyers into trash boxes. It solves issues like oil seepage and assembly time. Made from food-grade, heat-resistant silicone, it's dishwasher-safe and incorporates Japanese antimicrobial silver-ion technology for odor and bacteria resistance. Magnetic fasteners ensure quick unfolding and easy cleaning, making it a versatile and modern folding box.