Annual Gift 2020

We are celebrating the founding of SED-IA Architecture in Singapore and the 20th anniversary of LKP Architecture. In 2020, we have specially chosen a gift for our clients and friends. The selection of gifts represents our aesthetic ideals in the creation of spaces, a value deeply rooted in our practice.

Our team has continued to provide architectural solutions fit for purpose, and reached a new milestone in journey to sustainable development. Over the past 20 years, we have designed living spaces that reflected the principle of balancing aesthetic and functionality. As SED-IA Architecture embarks on a new journey, we invite you to be part of this endeavour.   


The writing instrument, designed by 22STUDIO, symbolizes intimate connection between concrete and human civilization.

Created by Dilio Design, the creation of scent tray was inspired by heightmap, using concrete and aluminium as the product materials.

When creating the card holder, Celement Lab’s design team found a unique balance in the usage of silicon and soft cement, breaking the stereotype of vision and touch when people perceive an object.