SED-IA Architecture Workplace Awarded WELL Certified™ Platinum

(Taipei, Taiwan) – The headquarter of SED-IA Architecture and SED-IA Architects (the former LKP Architecture) has been awarded WELL Certified™ Platinum under WELL v2 through the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) in June 2020, becoming the first workplace in Taiwan to be recognized with this certification. 

SED-IA Architecture and LKP Architecture value environmental sustainability in their creations, which builds upon an architectural approach to biophilia and nature. In 2019, the architecture firms decided to integrate their design solutions and greenery concept into a new workplace located in central Taipei. The new headquarter is created with unique work spaces according to the WELL Building Standard™, which is premised on an holistic view of health, featuring natural elements such as wind, light, water, and greenery in every corner of the office. 

The WELL v2 Concepts and Features

To become WELL Certified™ at the Platinum level, SED-IA Architecture and LKP Architecture achieved all preconditions and underwent rigorous testing procedures by third-party organizations, such as Taiwan Architecture & Building Center (TABC), including verification carried out by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). The certified office features include: 

Air Quality:
The entire office on the 10th floor is installed with a variable air volume (VAV) system, incorporated with MERV 13 filters into the mechanical air distributor to provide open work spaces with high quality fresh air. Additional exhaust fans are connected to the ventilation to expel indoor pollutants. The office has also installed air monitoring sensors and tracking devices to monitor air quality, humidity, CO2 levels and harmful particles.  

Water Quality
Drinking water is treated with a filtration system and regularly tested to check for harmful substances such as sediment, microorganisms, inorganic, organic, disinfectant byproducts, agricultural and fertilizer contaminants. Drinking water is readily available with two drinking water dispensers located centrally at the most accessible area in the office. It follows one of the WELL features that fresh drinking water has to be located less than 30 meters from the farthest workstation. 

Natural Lighting and Glare Control
The original building has been designed with full height glazing to the West, North and East facades, capturing ample natural daylight of at least 300 lux. Interior work spaces are installed with suspended uplighting to provide office occupants with comfortable indirect lighting, which promotes alertness and productivity. 

Access to nature
The 561 square meters office encourages a well-balanced use of greenery, through patented green walls that serve as natural curtains to enhance visual quality of interior spaces and to block excessive daylight. A nature filled interior environment helps to regulate temperature and air quality, creating liveliness and vitality within people.

Mental Health Support
The office has also implemented Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to resolve personal issues or address work-related difficulties that could affect the emotional well-being of employees. EAP offers assistance such as mental health counseling by offering courses that teach employees how to cope with work stress. 

Please use the following link to open SED-IA Architecture and LKP Architecture WELL Certified™ E-Book: